The Fear of Too Much Justice

Authors Stephen Bright and James Kwak join host Craig Lubow to talk about their book, “The Fear of Too Much Justice”, where they discuss “Race, Poverty, and the Persistence of Inequality in the Criminal Courts.

James Kwak is vice chair of the Southern Center for Human Rights, former professor of law at the University of Connecticut, author of Economism: Bad Economics and the Rise of Inequality, and co-author with Simon Johnson of White House Burning: The Founding Fathers, Our National Debt, and Why It Matters to You, and the New York Times bestseller 13 Bankers: The Wall Street Takeover and the Next Financial Meltdown. He is also the co-author of The Baseline Scenario, a leading blog on economics and public policy. The co-author, with Stephen Bright, of The Fear of Too Much Justice (The New Press), he lives in Amherst, Massachusetts

Stephen B. Bright currently teaches law at Yale and Georgetown Universities. He was the long-time director of the Southern Center for Human Rights and has won multiple capital cases in the Supreme Court. A recipient of the American Bar Association’s Thurgood Marshall Award, Bright has been the subject of two books, Proximity to Death (William S. McFeely) and Finding Life on Death Row (Katya Lexin), and a film, Fighting for Life in the Death Belt (Adam Elend and Jeff Marks). The co-author, with James Kwak, of The Fear of Too Much Justice (The New Press), he lives in Lexington, Kentucky.

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