The Greatest Evil is War and Mumia Abu-Jamal New Trial Update

The Greatest Evil is War

The United States has been at war almost continuously over the last 80 years. Chris Hedges has titled his latest book, The Greatest Evil is War.
What is the driving force behind this nearly a century of war? Who is responsible? What are the institutions in United States that carry it on? What is to be done about it?

What forces in our country can stop the slaughter and the constant waste of resources that is consuming us and threatening us with the possibility of nuclear war, which would wipe out all life on our planet.

Today we will explore the economic, institutional, and ideological underpinnings of the American war machine. We will talk about the military industrial complex about which Eisenhower warned us. We will talk about its handmaidens, the media, Congress, the universities and the think tanks which advocate for war.

We will talk about the political consequences of permanent war and the fascist dIrection America is increasingly going in. Most profoundly we will talk about capitalism and fascism from which it springs. And finally we will talk about the social forces necessary to stop and reverse war.

Guest – Chris Hedges joins us in our discourse. He was a war correspondent for two decades in Central America, the Middle East, Africa, and the Balkans. For 15 of these years he worked for the New York Times where he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. Chris Hedges is the author of 14 books including his just published The Greatest Evil is War. We will talk about this unflinching indictment of the horror and obscenity of war.


Mumia Abu-Jamal New Trial Update

American political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal has served 40 years Is Pennsylvania’s harshest prisons-16 of them on death row -for the murder of a Philadelphia police officer a crime he did not commit. The judge who convicted him was overheard promising I’m going to help fry the N-word.

Mumia is an important figure in African-American history. Before his conviction he was a nationally broadcast award winning radio journalist and the head of the Philadelphia Association of Black journalists. He reported on the murderous racial violence of the Philadelphia police department and its notorious Police Chief and then Mayor Frank Rizzo.

He had been a member of the Philadelphia chapter of the Black Panther Party. While in prison Mumia has written 13 books and had a weekly radio show Live from Death Row. He holds a masters degree and is working on a PhD in history. On October 26, 2022 Mumias attorneys appeared in court in an effort to get him a new trial.

His defense petition included newly discovered evidence that had been buried in the prosecutors files. This evidence documented a key witness receiving promises of money for their testimony and evidence of favorable treatment of another in a criminal case. The petition also documented the unconstitutional practice of striking Black jurors during Mumias original trial.

Judge Lucretia Clemons preliminarily denied his constitutional right to present this information. She is likely to finalize this ruling on his upcoming court date in Philadelphia on December 9, 2022.

Guest – Noelle Hanrahan is the director of Prison Radio, a multimedia production studio that brings to the public the voices of incarcerated women, men and children. She seeks to honor the agency and humanity of prisoners by bringing their uncensored essays into mainstream discourse. She has produced over 3,500 multimedia recordings from over 100 prison radio correspondents, including the critically acclaimed work of Mumia Abu-Jamal. In 1995, she brought out of prison his first book, Live From Death Row (Harper Perennial), which became a best seller. In 2013, she co-produced the theatrically released feature documentary Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary (Street Legal Cinema/First Run Features). She received her BA in Gender, Race and Class in the 19th and 20th Centuries from Stanford University, and an MA in Criminal Justice from Boston University. She also holds private investigator licenses in Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

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