The Importance of Saying “NO”

Kevin O’Donoghue and Niseema Dyan Diemer follow up last week’s show by talking about the importance of saying the word, “NO” in maintaining your mental and emotional health. This is part two of a two part series.  The first part, “Discover Your True Self and True Freedom” was aired on the July 29 edition of the All Souls Forum.

Last week we talked about five ways to help you discover your true self and so true freedom.  One of the tools was to ask, “What am I doing everyday in my life that is not me?”  This week we ask, “What are you saying ‘Yes’ to that you want to say ‘NO’ to but don’t?”

Saying “NO” is an important tool in setting boundaries for yourself and establishing your own identity. Was there a period in your life when you were saying “NO” to many things in order to live out what was important to you?  We invite you to look at where you can say “NO” in your life that might help increase your feeling of being free.

Kevin O’Donoghue, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, is the Director of the Positive Mind Center.  Niseema Dyan Diemer, a Licensed Massage Therapist and trauma specialist, is the Director of Development for the Positive Mind Center. They both host The Positive Mind Radio Show, from which this series is taken.

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