Understanding Israel Palestine: Beyond the Walls — “The Israel Lobby and the Iraq War” with Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel from The AnteDote (4/9/21)

In commemoration of the recent 18th anniversary of the launch of the Iraq War, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel curates and plays an excerpt of a live recording from March 20, 2021 by the co-hosts of The AnteDote (Greg McCarron & Jeremy Rothe-Kushel), from an AnteDote DeepCore: Texts room on Clubhouse where part of chapter 8 “Iraq and Dreams of Transforming the Middle East” from the 2007 book “The Israel Lobby & US Foreign Policy” by John Mearsheimer & Stephen Walt was read and discussed. In this chapter Mearsheimer and Walt assert with thorough factual backing, that the Israel Lobby as a whole, was a, if not the, central policy driver of the United States-led Iraq War in 2003.
This excerpt from an audio segment published online with the title “Iraq War 18th Anniversary: The Israel Lobby and the Politics of Oil (Part 1)” is a piece of a much longer series of readings and discussions on the matter at The AnteDote: