The Life and Legacy of Rev. Timothy Keller

Timothy Keller was a leading figure in the Reformed evangelical arm of American Christianity and an enigma to anyone who wanted to put him in a political box.  We explore his spiritual formation and legacy from building a megachurch in Manhattan to sparking a new movement of ministers inspired by his success to start more than 1,000 evangelical churches in cities around the world. Then, we revisit our interview with Keller from 2022 where he reflects on how the late-stage diagnosis of pancreatic cancer reframed his priorities and understanding of mortality.

In Defense of Faith
Editor-in-Chief of the Gospel Coalition Collin Hansen reflects on his friendship with Keller and insights from writing the pastor’s biography, released earlier this year.  Hansen shares how pivotal experiences shaped Keller’s beliefs about religion and politics and why he was often criticized by both the political left and right. 

Every Atheist Needs a Pastor like Tim Keller
Public intellectual, gay marriage activist, journalist, and author Jonathan Rauch shares how he found an unlikely friendship with Keller, who, as a Reformed evangelical opposed same-sex marriage.  

Forgive, Why Should I and How Do I?
We revisit our December 2022 conversation between host Ambereen Khan and Keller, including how his terminal cancer changed his views on mortality and time, and heightened the need to make forgiveness a cultural priority.

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