The Misanthrope

The lead character in our story this week would probably despise Facebook, and he’d never be found on Twitter. In fact, if there were an anti-social network, he’d most likely be a charter member. His name is Alceste, and he’s the unlikely hero of the French playwright Moliere’s celebrated comedy, The Misanthrope. The play is arguably Moliere’s most insightful work, one which illustrates his profound disdain for the mores of 17th-century French society.

The Misanthrope stars Tony Award-winner Brian Bedford as Alceste. With JD Cullum, Sarah Drew, Martin Jarvis, Darren Richardson, Susan Sullivan, Nick Toren, Matthew Wolf, and Bellamy Young. Stage Manager: Michael Rhea. Associate Producer: Christina Montano. Casting Director: Cathy Reinking. Editor: Wes Dewberry. Recording and Mixing Engineer: Mark Holden for The Invisible Studios, West Hollywood. Our director is Rosalind Ayres

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