The Morality of Guns and Martin Luther ‘s Radical Christianity

The Meaning of “Pro-Life” in the Gun Violence and Gun Control Debate

Most Evangelical Christians call themselves “pro-life” on abortion. But what does that stance mean when it comes to the debate on gun control? For Rev. Allen Church, pro-life means protecting gun rights, and using guns wisely to defend the innocent. For Rev. Rob Schneck, it means advocating for stricter gun control laws, and questioning our own capacity “to make a good moral judgment as to whether another human life should be taken.” The pastors are featured in Abigail Disney’s new documentary, The Armor of Light.

Martin Luther: 500 Years after Reformation

Many founders of the world’s religions thought of themselves as radical reformers, not founders. Jesus thought he was transforming Judaism; Siddhartha Gautama said he was remaking Hinduism. And so it was with Martin Luther, who initially set out to revamp the Catholic Church, but went on to launch the Reformation, which sparked the creation of Protestant Christianity.  As we approach the 500th anniversary of this huge schism in church history, we talk to the author of a new book about a lesser-known era in Luther’s Life: his 10 fearful yet productive months hiding out in a German castle. Featuring James Reston, Jr., author of Luther’s Fortress: Martin Luther and his Reformation Under Siege.

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