The Other 9/11 Part 2

Before 2001, there was another 9/11. In 1973, a military coup backed by the United States, overthrew the Chilean government and ushered in seventeen years of brutal dictatorship. In the second of a two part series; we hear stories of the Chilean 9/11.That day marked the end of one of Latin America’s longest democratic traditions, and brought on almost two decades of murder, disappearances, repression, and fear.

This program was produced by the Freedom Archives

Isabel Letelier, sculptor, author, and human rights activist; Ariel Dorfman, author, journalist, and human rights activist; Isabel Allende, novelist and journalist; Rene Castro visual artist, photographer, curator, and teacher; Joan Jara, author

Series Producers: Andrew Stelzer, George Lavender, Nancy L pez
Host this week: George Lavender/ Isabel Alegria
Contributing Producers: Andres Alegria, Kim Davis, Claude Marks, Isabel Alegria
Daniel del Solar, Maria Alegria, Nina Serrano
Web Editor: Irene Florez
Volunteers: Bansi Mehta, Federico Villalobos, Dorian Roberts
and Barbara Barnett

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