“The Present” Shows Today’s Palestine

Farah Nabulsi, the Palestinian-British director and writer of the award-winning short film, “The Present,” speaks of the life-changing impact of a trip to Palestine in 2013 that led her to move from a career in finance and business to film-making. “The Present” tells the story of a Palestinian man who sets out with his young daughter to buy his wife an anniversary gift and whose simple shopping trip is complicated by the Israeli checkpoints he must cross. It was filmed in Palestine and earned an Academy nomination for best live-action short film, the 2021 BAFTA award (the British Oscars) and a New York Times op-ed from former CIA director John Brennan titled “Why Biden Must Watch this Palestinian Film.”  Nabulsi discusses the making of the film, the effect of the accolades it’s received, the ongoing siege of Gaza, and the lack of information about Palestine that led her to develop her web site oceansofinjustice.com to address some of the questions she often received at film festivals.


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