The Public Purpose Of Art with Arlene Goldbard

Hosted by: Justine Willis Toms

We’re on the cusp of a paradigm shift, a radical change in worldview that will thrust art and culture onto center stage. What does that mean? How will the world be different? What is the rising spirit of the times and how is it being expressed in art? Our guest today says, “I have this overwhelming image of energy gathering force and taking shape.” She likens this force to a wave and says, “No one masterminds a wave, ordering all the drops of water into line. Many independent forces operate simultaneously — wind, gravity, disturbances of all kinds — and somehow, the wave mounts.” In this dialogue we explore this mounting force and what’s opposing this rolling tide. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)Bio

Arlene Goldbard is a writer, speaker, consultant, workshop leader, and cultural activist whose focus is the intersection of culture, politics, spirituality, the arts and artists. She is a fierce advocate for the power of human creative expression.

Her books include:

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Topics explored in this dialogue include:

  • What is the meaning of the present cultural paradigm Goldbard calls “Datastan”
  • What is the vision of the future Goldbard calls “The Republic of Stories”
  • How are corporations driving the body politic in America
  • Why we need to speak out and not be afraid of disappointment
  • How music as an art form engages our full human capacities
  • What is Dr. Feelgood’s sensory boutique
  • How is social change likened to the coherent shape of a wave
  • How can we envision a “Story Teller Corp”
  • What is the changing base line of customer service phone interface
  • Why it is essential to envision a new story in order to shape a culture
  • What are some glimmers of hope for a better world popping up in today’s culture

Host: Justine Willis Toms           Interview Date: 6/11/2013           Program Number: 3473

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