The Rachel Corrie Legacy

An Israeli court has thrown out the lawsuit by Rachel Corrie’s parents, claiming wrongful death by an Israeli bulldozer. But her influence on the solidarity movement continues – and now Egypt has effectively ended the Gaza blockade.

Cindy Corrie, Rachel’s mother; Julie Levesque, from the Center for Research on Globalization, passenger on the Spirit of Rachel Corrie; Eva Jasiewicz, journalist, union organizer and coordinator with the Free Gaza Movement;  (continued in Notes) Huwaida Arraf, co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement and the Free Gaza Movement, current chair of the Free Gaza Movement. Rachel Corrie (archival). Israel Defense Forces spokeswoman (film clip).

Production and interviews by Honna Veerkamp; Cindy Corrie, via Christian Science Monitor; Rachel Corrie archival clip on YouTube attributed to Middle East Broadcasting Company; film excerpt from documentary Rachel, produced by Simone Bitton and distributed by Women Make Movies; music is from Mavi Marmara Massacre by Muslimgaze, and is creative commons licensed.

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