The Sonic Journey of Alan Lomax: Recording America and the World, 12/24/2014

American Routes follows the journeys made by folklorist Alan Lomax as he documented the diversity of the traditional music of America, in the face of what he felt was the increased threat by popular “monoculture.” We’ll look into Lomax’s work as a sound recordist, cultural theorist, radio host and above all, shaper of 20th century pop culture through his discoveries.

Timing and Cues

American Routes Program #14-52 (repeat of 14-06)

00:00 Open Hour 1
segment A: INCUE: “(music) This is AR I’m NS we’re hearing…”
“Rock Island Line” Lead Belly
“Do Re Me” Woody Guthrie
excerpt: “Po’ Lazarus” James Carter and the Prisoners
excerpt: “Old Chisholm Trail” Moses “Clear Rock” Platt
excerpt: “I’ve Been Having Troubles” Heuston Earns
“Midnight Special” Creedence Clearwater Revival
OUTCUE: “…Library of Congress when AR returns.”
cutaway 1: “John Henry” Glen Stoneman
segment B: INCUE: “This is AR I’m NS we’re exploring…”
excerpt: “I’ll Be Rested (When the Roll is Called)”
Roosevelt Graves and Brother
excerpt: “Kind Hearted Woman Blues” Robert Johnson
CLIP: Jelly Roll Morton interview at the Library on Congress
“I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say” Jelly Roll Morton
excerpt: “How Long?” Leadbelly
“Bourgeois Blues” Taj Mahal
excerpt: “Talking Dust Bowl Blues” Woody Guthrie
CLIP: Woody Guthrie interview at the Library on Congress
excerpt: “Pretty Boy Floyd” Woody Guthrie
OUTCUE: “…Europe and folkniks when AR returns.”
cutaway 2: “Sourwood Mountain” Hobart Smith
segment C: INCUE: “This is AR I’m NS following Alan Lomax…”
excerpt: “Corn Rigs” Jack Armstrong’s Barnstormer’s Band
excerpt: “Rock Island Line” Lonnie Donegan
excerpt: “New Year’s Day Tarentella” Putipu Band of Capri
“Rock Island Line” Little Richard and Fishbone
CLIP: Lomax Radio: Klezmer to Jazz Radio sign off
OUTCUE: “…this is AR from PRX.”
cutaway 3: “Forest City Jump” Forrest City Joe, Sonny Boy Rogers & Thomas Martin
1:00:00 “Forest City Jump” end
00:00 Open Hour 2
segment D: INCUE: “(music) This is AR I’m NS we’re …”
“Brown Girl in the Ring” Bahamas
CLIP: Lomax speaks “This record was made in Kansa Haiti”
“J’ai fait tout le tour du pays” Jimmy Peters and Ring Dance Singers
excerpt: “Wind Howlin’ Blues” David “Honeyboy” Edwards
CLIP: Honey Boy Edwards interview from 1942 field trip
“Walking Blues” Son House, Fiddlin Joe Martin, Willie Brown,
Leroy Williams
CLIP: Muddy Waters interview
“I Be’s Troubled” Muddy Waters
“Hootchie Coochie Man” Muddy Waters
OUTCUE: “…southern journey in a moment on AR.”
cutaway 4: “Arkansas Traveler” Hobart Smith
segment E: INCUE: “I’m NS this is AR we’re continuing…”
CLIP: Ballads Blues & Bluegrass film
“Going Down South” Fred McDowell
“You Got to Move” The Rolling Stones
CLIP: Preston Smith welcoming Lomax
excerpt: “Drunken Hiccups” Hobart Smith
“The Farmer’s Curst Wife” Estil C. Ball
“Motorpsycho Nightmare” Bob Dylan
OUTCUE: “…and culture when AR returns.”
cutaway 5: “Whoa Mule” Mainer Band
segment F: INCUE: “This is AR I’m NS with the last leg of our…”
“Didn’t Leave Nobody But the Baby” Mrs. Sidney Carter
“Didn’t Leave Nobody But the Baby” Emmylou Harris, Allison Krauss,
Gillian Welch
“I’m Goin’ Home” Ervin Webb and the Prisoners
OUTCUE: “…for AR from PRX. (music fade out)”
59:00 end

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