The Spiritual Battle Over Water: A Prayer for Salmon Part Five

We travel back to California with producer Judy Silber of The Spiritual Edge to continue the story of the plight of the indigenous community in Northern California fighting government plans to raise the Shasta Dam.  Another installment in the special series, A Prayer for Salmon, produced by The Spiritual Edge.

Bearing Witness: The #Run4Salmon
Producer Judy Silber of The Spiritual Edge joins the Winnemem Wintu and supporters as they start a two-week Run4Salmon prayer to call salmon back to the waters above Shasta Dam. The annual tradition follows the salmon’s migration path from the ocean to the mountains. It starts in the Bay Area where the Winnemem Wintu and supporters encounter environmental devastation first set in motion 200 years ago.  Indigenous scholar Lila June Jones situates the meditation and spiritual walk as one of a series of indigenous actions that seek to bring attention to the cultural devastation experienced during the 19th and 20th centuries.

A Prayer for Salmon continues.
As the #Run4Salmon continues to travel upstream, the Winnemem Wintu and supporters witness more obstacles faced by migrating salmon. Once a vast marshland, the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta was an important haven for juvenile salmon, but now is a gauntlet of human engineering. In an effort to raise awareness, Winnemem Wintu’s Chief Caleen Sisk attends a waterways meeting and delivers testimony for salmon and water health at the Sacramento Valley water district.

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