The Tenth Voice • May 1st, 2021 – The Middle Way with Inoru Wade

The Middle WayGreetings! It is the 1st Saturday of the month and time again for this week’s edition of The Tenth Voice -The Middle Way hosted by the Goddess Prince from the Land of the Rising Sun: Inoru Wade. We have a great show on tap for you and some really beautiful music to share from One Ok Rock.

Kuuki Yomeru (reading the air/introductions): Inoru will talk about the Conversion Therapy Banned in Lawrence KS the KCCI Trans Surgery Grant and the Queer and Bazaar event at KCCI as well as some general news and recaps from the last month.

Inoru’s Kenkai

-Oppression Olympics 

-The little p politics of academia 

-Historical exclusion of Asian Americans


A Drop of Enlightenment

-Part Two of our Series of LGBTQ+ Community and the Criminal Justice System

-Inside the System


Two-Fold Truth

Our special guest is Kendall Martinez Wright the first trans woman to run for Missouri House of Representatives. 

Martinez-Wright is running as a Democrat to represent Missouri’s fifth district, which includes her hometown of Palmyra, Mo., where she graduated from high school and now lives. The district is currently represented by Republican Rep. Louis Riggs, who had no Democratic challengers this November and will run again in 2022. Kendall Martinez-Wright is a resilient Woman, Community Organizer, and a statewide LGBTQ and Human Rights legislative strategist. As a child, Miss Martinez-Wright, along with her mother and younger sister, made the move from Chicago, IL where Martinez-Wright was born, and moved to Palmyra, MO for a better quality of life. Growing up, she observed her mother devote herself to a full-time career within the local school district while simultaneously serving as a strong and supportive parent to Martinez-Wright and her sister. What is most remarkable about Martinez-Wright’s mother was her resilience, as her mother battled to manage depression. Overcoming adversity was no stranger to Miss Martinez-Wright. As she strived to provide emotional support to her mother, she was also learning how to navigate her own struggles with a learning disability.


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