The Tenth Voice • Saturday December 11, 2021 – Dante Lawrence

It is the 2nd Saturday of the month and we have special guest Dante “Danny” Lawrence (They/He/She) on the program.

Dante is an artist somewhere in the middle of their journey with an unknown destination and trying to love every minute of that. His background in theatrical design and working in theatre for 10 years has given her a passion for storytelling and creating temporary pockets of emotional connection. Wherever they’re headed they hope to continue to tell stories while focusing on individual and community growth and continuously exploring what that looks like.

We will be talking gender identity, drag, and what it means to be non binary and gender fluid. We will also be talking about Dante’s work in the arts, and their work as an educator.

Join us at 1pm Saturday the 11 and  Keep up to date with all thing Tenth Voice by visiting our Facebook page


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