The Tenth Voice • Saturday December 3rd, 2022 – Grey Matters

Join us this Saturday on The Tenth Voice and join Daddy Rae as they continue the ongoing discussion of mental health, wellness, and the LGBTQIA+ community!

This Saturday, we enter the Christmas Season with Rae’s favorite Christmas songs and the meaning they have for them. Find the playlist here:  We cannot do a podcast of the music in the show, so after the show, we have added a link to the music Rae chose to share with the community today.

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DISCLAIMER: Although Rae Bowerman is in practice as a licensed psychotherapist, this program and its content do not constitute any form of implicit or explicit professional counseling, therapy, advice, and/or treatment; nor any guarantee of service or obligation by GENEX Therapeutic Solutions LLC. All advice given on KKFI by Rae is strictly in a non-professional setting and context.

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