The Tenth Voice • Saturday March 5, 2022 – Grey Matters

Join us this Saturday on The Tenth Voice Rae Bowerman (they/them) will be joining us as a host of the Tenth Voice every 1st Saturday for their new program “Grey Matters.” Rae is a psychotherapist in private practice at GENEX Therapeutic Solutions LLC1 who both works with and is a member of the local LGBTQIA+ community as well poly, kink, and other communities that are often misunderstood, marginalized, and mistreated. Rae is also fluent in American Sign Language and has been an interpreter for more than 22 years.

According to Rae “Grey Matters” refers to many different ways that the broad experience, diversity, and wondrous differences within humanity should be celebrated. It also is symbolic of using our brain to consider new and alternative approaches to gender, sex, sexuality, the way we communicate, and our interpersonal relations. Over the coming months Rae plans discussion of LGBTQIA+, relationship, kink, and other topics utilizing interviews, art, and discussion with listeners in our Tenth Voice audience.

Join us this Saturday at 1pm on 90.1FM, or streaming on!

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1) DISCLAIMER: Although Rae Bowerman is in practice as a licensed psychotherapist, this program and its content do not constitute any form of implicit or explicit professional counseling, therapy, advice, and/or treatment; nor any guarantee of service or obligation by GENEX Therapeutic Solutions LLC. All advice given on KKFI by Rae is strictly in a non-professional setting and context.

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