The Tenth Voice • Saturday May 13, 2023 – The Rainbow Kotatsu

Join us this Saturday on The Tenth Voice as we continue our series on anime (animation) and manga (illustrated novels) dealing with LGBTQIA+ themes. As always, we’re going to give you a wonderful list of resources for LGBTQIA+ anime and manga shows that are non-cringe, non-triggering to watch!  So, be ready to squee your queer little heart out at all the fuzzy feelings and join us under the rainbow kotatsu today!

This week, we’re jumping genres – from anime and manga, we’re jumping to gaming, with a heavy focus on jRPG games, but covering the whole gaming spectrum.  We’re going to have a lively discussion with Psychology Professor and frequent gamer Dr Anna Pope about transgender and non-binary representation in gaming. This is going to include highlighting games which have a playbook that is friendly to the LGBTQIA+ community, characters in games, and the players themselves and the pockets of toxic as well as affirming gaming groups that exist.

Join us this Saturday at 1pm on 90.1FM, or streaming on!  Keep up to date with all things Tenth Voice by visiting our Facebook page

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