The Tenth Voice • Saturday May 7, 2022 – Grey Matters

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Join us this Saturday on The Tenth Voice and join Daddy Rae as they welcome their grad school bff and fellow licensed psychotherapist all the way from Washington state, Lady Ginger!

Daddy Rae and Lady Ginger regularly collaborate and cohost a monthly webcast, “Untangled: Mentally Healthy Kink in a Vanilla World”, and they will be bringing their combined mojo to the mic for this month’s episode of Grey Matters!

Know what it’s like when you go to a buffet for the first time, you’re looking over the mounds of nosh and thinking, “Where do I even *start*?” That’s what we feel like looking at this topic! The statuses of various relationships, assessing them, throwing them all together, looking at how and when they intersect in our vast and varied kinky and vanilla lives…*whew*! This topic brings up myriad questions: When D/s and “daily” relationships sit down for tea and decide they’re going to be dance partners, can we say potential LTR? …or something along those lines? How does it look when the lines and limits that had been negotiated and set are reexamined and recalibrated, and you find yourself in a hybrid arrangement never before considered yet is amazingly fitting? What does it take to *have that* (if that’s what you want)? Rewind for a minute: How do you even start a D/s relationship? How do you know where you fit (role/s), or possibly when the flexibility you afford yourself in assessing that fit is *more* important than the fit itself? Yep. This is one BIG BUFFET!!! Bring your appetites, your questions, your comments, and your curiosity…and call in!

TUNE IN, CALL IN, JOIN US! Call the studio at 816-931-5534. Join us this Saturday at 1pm on 90.1FM, or streaming on!

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