On our show for January 3, 2022, we will replay our 4/19/21 show when host Jeff Humfeld spoke with Ricky Kidd of, I am Resilience, about the tragedy of a wrongful conviction – Charlie Graham’s story.

There is a growing realization amongst the ranks of law enforcement and the public as well that the war on drugs has been a failure. This edition of Jaws of Jaws Radio highlights a case that is so outlandish as to be almost unbelievable and very much a product of the excesses of the war on drugs and the distribution of confiscated drug money to law enforcement. The destruction of Charlie Graham and his family is in many ways more impactful than the high-profile cases we see on the nightly news to fuel distrust of government and the police.

Charlie Graham is one of those blue-collar type guys who started working at a young age and found success through hard work. He grew up in a family business and grew that business all the while he was starting new enterprises. Everything started to unravel when one of his rental properties was used by David Alexander, an employee/renter who joined up with Michael Duncan, a drug dealer, to manufacture Meth on a property Charlie owned. The manufacturing process went wrong and the resulting explosion killed David Alexander and injured Michael Duncan. Michael Duncan insisted in his trial for manufacturing Meth that David Alexander was the only other person involved and that Charlie was not involved.

It was almost a year later that DEA/Police detective James Wingo started his pursuit of Charlie Graham trying to recover the money from Michael Duncan’s drug enterprise. The harassment of Charlie’s family included attempts to turn his wife, Robin, against him, trying to get her to plant drugs in Charlie’s truck, numerous break ins to her home, numerous car chases and confiscations of vehicles, and even an incident where Charlie and Robin were shot at while sitting in his truck outside her house. Never once was a search warrant presented to Charlie or Robin. These officers also harassed Charlie’s mother in much the same way as they did his wife.

When Charlie was finally charged, he had difficulty finding counsel that would take the case, even being told by one lawyer that if he took the case, he would never practice law in MO again. Once Charlie did obtain counsel not only was a continuance denied but the trial was begun immediately even though it was not on that day’s docket. Charlie continued to profess his innocence and work on his case while incarcerated. After twenty-three years he finally was scheduled to come before a judge to have his petition heard, a judge that insisted he be present in court for the hearing. This is where the story ends.

Guest Host Ricky Kidd is a motivational speaker that has made it his mission to educate the public, students, and those in the judicial system of the factors that contribute to wrongful convictions and start dialogues about how to fix the problem. You can find him at the website below as well as where to find more of the interviews from Freedom Lap 2020.

I Am Resilience

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