“The Truth About Gardasil”

Guests are Tracie and Madie Moorman, mother and daughter, who are learning to deal with the, all too often, debilitating side effects of the Gardasil Vaccine, aka HPV (being pushed on young girls as a deterrent to cervical cancer later in life.) Bill Ronan, vaccine injury attorney, working on the legal side as help for the ‘Gardasil Girls’, will join us in the studio. By telephone, we will talk with founder of www.TruthAboutGardasil.org, Marian Greene, another mother whose daughter, Holly, is a Gardasil injured girl and Dr. Sheila Daminksi, a naturopathic doctor who is having success in treating the Gardasil girls holistically.
The Amy Goodman Show will air at 3:45. AFTER Amy—we will have a brief report from Brianna who is in Memphis, protesting a KKK Rally.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Because our phone lines will be tied up with our guests, please submit all questions through our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Every-Woman-KKFI-901FM/155684624503684?fref=ts) . We will be monitoring this page during the show and will respond to as many questions as possible on air. All questions posted will be answered.

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This website is dedicated to getting the word out about the dangers and side effects of the HPV vaccine called Gardasil.

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