The Twilight Realm of Our Democracy

On Jan. 11, RadioActive Magazine will discuss the effects of the living myth of widespread voter fraud in our

2020 presidential election.  This living myth has birthed the introduction of over 400 restrictive voting laws in

state legislatures all across our nation.  A total of 19 states have passed 34 of these bills, enacting a wide

variety of voter restrictions, including provisions for greater partisan control over election procedures and


As legislatures convene in 2022, many more of these types of bills will again be introduced, with all of them

driven by this living myth of widespread voter fraud.  In the 2021 Missouri legislative session, many voter

restriction bills were introduced, in addition to proposals to radically restructure the initiative petition process.

However, none of these bills were passed, but many of them will be reintroduced in the upcoming 2022

legislative session.

To discuss these efforts in the upcoming Missouri legislative session, RadioActive Magazine will host Sen.

Greg Razer, who represents the 7th District in Kansas City, and Jackson County District 22 House Representative

Yolanda Young.

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