The Unique Plight of LGBT Syrian Refugees + More Global News!

This week on This Way Out:

Syrian refugees are not all created equal; Ireland bans bias against gay schoolteachers, the Belfast High Court weighs partnerships versus marriage, civil unions are created in Cyprus and renewed in Queensland, Austrian kids sue for their parents’ marriage rights, Uganda cracks down on LGBT-supportive NGOs, trans-phobia and anti-choice killings make a creepy Cruz cocktail, and more global LGBT news!

Featured speakers/guests:

Ted Cruz; Jessica Stern.


Hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle. NewsWrap reporters: Tanya Kane-Parry and Wenzel Jones; Producer: Steve Pride. Correspondent: Abby Dees. Add’l material: Christopher Gaal and Chrisanne Eastwood. Theme music: Kim Wilson. Add’l music: Neil Diamond.

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