The United Nations, Aid and Sexual Abuse

The Women’s International News Gathering Service (WINGS) is a weekly half-hour program by and about women around the world.  Today’s program is from the podcast series “Gender at Work”, in which feminists with experience in United Nations and aid organizations explain how policies to stop sexual abuse in humanitarian missions fail, and what might discourage the culture of impunity.

Aruna Rao and David Kelleher, co-founders of Gender at Work, introduce the podcast; Joanne Sandler and Shawna Wakefield anchor the interviews. Sandler was Deputy Executive Director for Programmes at UNIFEM (the UN Development Fund for Women); Wakefield was Oxfam Internationals Senior Gender Justice Lead for 7 years; both are consultants and researchers. The interviewees are Hendrica Okondo, who has 20+ years of experience in humanitarian contexts within UN organizations; Robin Yaker, who has worked for the International Rescue Committee and Raising Voices; and Sarah Douglas, deputy chief of peace and security at UN Women.

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