The Urban Summit of Kansas City asks “Is Equity Enough?”, Conference Chair Ajamu Webster discusses.

The Urban Summit of Kansas City will hold its 14th Annual Conference November 6th , 2021 with the theme: “Is Equity Enough?” The mission of the Urban Summit is advocacy and to develop initiatives to foster community relations, enhance economic growth and improve the quality of life in the urban core.

In studio today is Urban Summit Conference Chair Ajamu Webster.  Ajamu says, “The accepted standard for African American progress has become ‘equity and inclusion’. This assumes that equal opportunity for jobs, and inclusion in decision making, will close the wealth and power gaps between African Americans and Whites. Data and historical trends show this assumption to be false.”

The Urban Summit was convened in 2008 by Bishop James Tindall Sr. It brought together elected officials and urban residents to discuss economic development, crime and substance abuse, education, health care, neighborhood/housing and integration. Bishop Tindall says, “In the midst of a pandemic it is important the community comes together to focus on economic development particularly in the African American community. As we convene another Urban Summit Conference we must emerge with goals and strategies to achieve equity for our community.”

The 14th Annual Urban Summit Conference will convene Saturday, November 6th at the Penn Valley Community College. [email protected]

Ajamu K. Webster, PE (Professional Engineer), is the CEO and founder (1988), and is a structural engineer with the firm DuBois Consultants, a local civil and structural engineering firm. Mr. Webster has over 38 years of engineering experience with water and wastewater facilities, with emphasis on analysis and inspection, structural design, rehabilitation and renovation.

Between creating strategies, fine tuning tactics, and leading his design teams, Ajamu dedicates much of his time inspiring future engineers in the Kansas City community through various engagement and outreach efforts through his firm. His community service is extensive. He is an activist and leader. Ajamu has served on multiple local boards and commissions, including service as a Parks Board Commissioner in KCMO’s Parks and Recreation Department and the Missouri Training and Employment Commission. Most recently, by mayoral appointment, he serves as Vice-Chair of the Loan Corporation Committee of the KCMO Economic Development Corporation Board.


Urban Connections host and producer:  Donna Morrow Wolfe

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