Tiffany Finck-Haynes on Bee Collapse, Michelle Chen on Nail Salon Workers

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This week on CounterSpin: Researchers report that more than 40 percent of honeybee hives died in the past year, the second-highest loss rate recorded. The AP story lists “mites, poor nutrition and pesticides,” in that order, as possible causes for what’s been called an almost biblical bee decline, but pesticide-makers would have you think they don’t belong on the list at all. Are their PR efforts affecting even government research? We’ll hear from Tiffany Finck-Haynes of Friends of the Earth.

HealthySalonsAlso on the show: The vivid and powerful New York Times series on conditions for workers in nail salons was the definition of “impact” journalism; New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced responsive measures just days after the story ran. But are occasional blockbuster stories the best media can do for workers rights issues? What’s the next step? We’ll talk about that with journalist Michelle Chen.

And, as usual, we’ll take a look back at the week’s press, including coverage of British elections and North Korea.


  • “Extreme Bee Losses Highlight Urgent Need to Restrict Pesticides to Protect Pollinators” (Friends of the Earth, 5/13/15)
  • “The Price of Nice Nails,” Sarah Maslin Nir (New York Times, 5/7/15)
  • “How Can You Get an Ethical Manicure? Support Worker Organizing,” by Michelle Chen (The Nation, 5/11/15)

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