Tim Shorrock on North Korea, Lee Fang on ‘The Right Leans In’

If your only reference was U.S. media, you would think all the belligerence and provocation around the Korean peninsula, was coming from North Korea, whose leaders are too intransigent and irrational to even negotiate with. Luckily, we’ll be joined by Journalist Tim Shorrock, who grew up in Japan and South Korea, and reports on East Asia. He’ll tell us what the US media it missing in the North Korea story.

spnAlso on CounterSpin today, Republicans lost big in 2012; so why are movers and shakers in the conservative movement talking about their big election season wins? They’ve shifted their focus to the states, where they’re building think tanks and media outlets to push out their message. Reporter Lee Fang followed the story for the Nation, and he’ll join us to talk about it.

–Tim Shorrock
–“The Right Leans In,” by Lee Fang (The Nation, 4/15/13

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