Tom Crane discusses the history of KKFI on its 35th anniversary

KKFI began broadcasting 1988-02-28 around 10 AM.  The first song played was Bob Dylan’s “When the Ship Comes In!”, including, “and the ship’s wise men will remind you once again, that the whole wide world is watching!”1

But getting to that broadcast took a lot of work.  It began in 1977 when a few visionaries founded the Mid-Coast Radio Project.  Tom Crane is one of the very few of the original founders who are still active with this project.  They first had to get a license, which wasn’t easy. The license gave them the call letters KKFI.  Then they needed a place to put a broadcast antenna and money to build it.  Some of the money came from bingo games.

Tom Crane joins Radio Active Magazine regulars Craig Lubow and Spencer Graves to discuss this history, documented on ““.



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