Tony Newman Part 2

Tonight on “The Real Deal” I’ve got NEW Eric Burdon & the full Zepperella CDs ! Zepperella are those cool, pretty ladies who play Zep tunes live in miniskirts ! We will also air part 2 of the Tony Newman interview. In part 1 he covered his early years with the Sounds Inc. who opened for the Beatles ! Cool Beatles stories last week huh ? I loved the part where George told him shortly b4 he died tha…t “life is like dew on a flower, so fragile” … man, that tugs at you. So we will cover his life as a drummer in his later May Blitz years right up to today & his work with Paul Gurvitz in “The New Army” ! Plus requests & more new tunes from groups like “Monkey Paw Finger” coming your way

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