Trans Talk: Andrea James and Dr. Darrel Ray

We have a great show lined up for Trans Talk this Saturday, 9/28!  Sandra Meade is hosting, and she says you won’t want to miss this one, so be sure to tune in to KKFI 90.1 FM at 1:00pm central time, or go to and listen to live streaming audio on the internet.  If you happen to miss the show, no worries, we’ll be posting the podcast later so you won’t miss out!

Sandra’s first interview is with Andrea James, an American writer, director, producer, and activist based in Los Angeles.  Andrea recently wrote an article for about the controversy surrounding Mr. Cee, a popular hip-hop DJ in New York who was publicly exposed and humiliated after having approached a transgender woman for sex.  Today, we’ll discuss that difficult topic:  the marginalization of the transgender community and the obstacles/public shaming faced by people who want to spend private time with them.

Sandra’s second interview is with Dr. Darrel Ray, Psychologist and author of Sex and God, How Religion Distorts Sexuality.  We’ll discuss the concepts of shame and guilt, and how those are used as modalities for control in our culture, especially when it comes to sexuality and relationships.

Of course, Sandra will start out the show with the LGBT news for this week, and Brent Husher will be there to keep us all informed about what is happening in Kansas City.  Brent’s Community Calendar Update has it all, so if you want to know what is happening in the LGBT community and where, listen in!

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More on Andrea James:  After graduating from Wabash College in 1989, where she majored in English, Latin, and Greek, Andrea continued her studies at the University of Chicago where she graduated with a Master’s degree in English and Literature.   Andrea created The Transsexual Roadmap in 1996, a popular site for the transgender community seeking information, advice, and support to help plan their transition journey.  She was instrumental in exposing the academic exploitation of transgender people by researcher Michael Bailey in 2003.   Andrea founded Deep Stealth Productions with Calpernia Adams in 2003 to create media content by and for transgender people, and hosts an instructional program called Finding Your Female Voice.  The list of films that she has contributed to as a consultant, director, or producer is too long to list in this short space.

More on Dr. Ray:   Dr. Ray earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology/anthropology from Friends University in Wichita, and in 1974 he completed an MA in Church and Community at Scarritt College for Christian Workers in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1978 Dr. Ray finished a doctoral program in psychology at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, earning his Ed.D.   Dr. Ray is a writer and speaker on leadership and organizational development and has authored two books on those topics: Teaming up: making the transition to a self-directed, team-based organization; and The Performance Culture: maximizing the power of teams.  Dr. Ray is also the author of Sex and God, How Religion Distorts Our Sexuality, and The God Virus, How Religion Affects Our Lives and Culture.

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