Trans Talk: Explore The Myth and Science of Sexuality with Dr. Drantz

Trans Talk, this week’s edition of The Tenth Voice, is hosted by Sandra Meade and produced by Linda Wilson. On this show we explore the myth and science of sexuality with Dr. Veronica Drantz.  Dr. Drantz is a Biologist/Physiologist, science and medical educator, and public speaker.  She earned her Phd in Biological Sciences/Animal Physiology from DuPaul University, and has nearly 50 years of teaching experience at college and graduate schools.  She specializes in teaching physiology on the molecular level, adapting her presentations for her target audience.  As a public speaker, she has educated many audiences about the myth and science of sexuality, and her presentations pose an important question:  Disordered or just different?

Dr. Rachael Allen also joins Sandra in the studio to interview Dr. Drantz.  Dr. Allen obtained her Phd in Bological Sciences from Northern Illinois University.  She is currently a Teaching Assistance Professor at the UMKC School of Biological Sciences.  Dr. Allen is originally from Bristol in the U.K., and lived in Chicago before moving to Kansas City.

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