Transforming to Regenerative Agriculture to Save Our Planet

This episode of Eco-Radio will explore regenerative agriculture and the critical role it will play in saving our Living Earth.  The global food system is responsible for up to one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions.  The book, Drawdown, ranks regenerative agriculture as #11 on their list of actions to reduce and/or drawdown GHG emissions from our atmosphere.  Our world is also faced with a human-induced “insect apocalypse”, with scientists calling for significant reductions in pesticides, primarily from the farming sector.

Eco-Radio’s guest this week, Gabe Brown, is a nationally prominent pioneer in the soil health movement, who owns and operates a 5,000 acre ranch and farm near Bismarck, N.D. that he and his family have transformed to a regenerative operation.  Gabe Brown will discuss his  personal journey to transforming his own ranch and farm, the benefits of regenerative farming/ranching, his testimony to Congress, and the founding of the Soil Health Academy.

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