Transit Talk: Accessibility and Clean Air

Would you cross a busy street blindfolded?  What is the most popular way to reduce cost and pollution on your daily commute?

Join us for two Transit Talks on RadioActive Magazine

  1. What are accessible pedestrian signals (APS) and why do we need them? Host Sheila Styron discusses this life saving technology with Janet Barlow, Access for the Blind, and Chris Lockey, Kansas City Public Works. If you cannot imagine crossing one of Kansas City’s busy intersections blindfolded, then you won’t want to miss what these two experts have to say!
  2. Does the thought of driving to work by yourself everyday depress you? Are you looking for a way to reduce the cost of commuting? Do you care about air quality and reducing carbon emissions? Host Janet Rogers speaks with Amanda Graor, Air Quality Program Manager at Mid-America Regional Council about Carpooling and the region’s Rideshare program.

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