Troubled Adolescence and Link From Collective Past to Present

Host Craig Lubow talks to Jeff Spiteri about his troubled adolescence, which is explored in his book, The Bridge Within.

The book chronicles his journey as a troubled adolescent struggling with mental health issues, delinquency and crime and eventual homelessness riding freight trains across the United States following my ramblings from a lost life leading to nowhere to the uncovering and remembering of early childhood sexual abuse and how I turned inward and discovered the courage to ask for help. Touching on topics such as generational trauma and reflecting on his own family’s history and how it  affected his own life.

“The Bridge Within is a mirror for anyone who has had trouble seeing themselves in a world at odds with itself and a road map to the way home. Illustrating not just a story but a greater narrative of our collective journey towards wholeness, safety and trust. More than just one person’s account of trauma The Bridge Within acts as a link between our collective past, ourselves and each other. Offering the reader a greater narrative of our ageless struggle to find hope and meaning in our most desperate of circumstances while providing a window into one young person’s attitudes and experiences with personal identity, childhood trauma and what it means to belong. The book is at once a coming of age and coming to grips story. Acting as a broken picture frame that exposes the tragic outcomes of our historical traumas and a society and life shaped by their forgotten fragments.”

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