Turnbull-sh*t + “Out of Orange” + Global LGBT News!

This week on This Way Out:

“Out of Orange” is the new book; Australia’s new boss backs the old plan for marriage equality; Nepal includes LGBT rights in its new constitution, anti-LGBT bias becomes a crime in Thailand, Anglican unity faces a renewed personality split, that infamous Kentucky clerk inspires more hapless equality resistance, India’s top court agrees to decide if homosexuality is evil, and more global LGBT news.

Featured speakers/guests:

Tanya Plibersek; Malcolm Turnbull; Cleary Wolters.


Hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle. NewsWrap reporters: Chrisanne Eastwood & John Dyer V; Producer: Steve Pride. Correspondent: Abby Dees. Add’l material: Ryan Pest; Rick Watts; Janet Mason. Theme music: Kim Wilson. Add’l music: John Williams; Pete Townsend.

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