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On May 13th, host Terri Wilke will speak with Benjamin Reed, Assistant Professor of Biology in the College of Arts and Sciences at Washburn, a top-notch university which is located in an urban setting in the heart of Topeka, Kansas, the capital city.

From his youngest years, Ben Reed has dreamed about being a scientist who would study dinosaur bones and fill his laboratory with snakes and other creatures. Because of persistent hard work and his love for research, he pursued a biology degree, and found that he loves to teach. He became an assistant professor of biology.   Reed wants students who are interested in animal-related fields to get experience prior to graduation.

Kansas is a good location for his research. He studies ornate box turtles, the state reptile. Ben Reed goes where turtles go, and that can include a thorny forest, a sunbaked prairie, a patch of poison ivy or elbow-deep in a dark hole. He has organized Turtle Trackers.  He puts little transmitters on the turtles, then uses radio telemetry. With that data, he and his students learn where they’ve gone, how far they moved, and what their behavior is.


The research Reed and his students conduct aids in conserving the dwindling population of the ornate box turtle.

Objectively, turtles are not fun to pet, too slow to “race” and they are too smart and independent to demonstrate party tricks.  These fascinating creatures have existed longer than man, but encroaching human behaviors such as roads and racing cars is causing their populations to decline.  Stay tuned in to hear about how lucky you are when you see a turtle.

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This will be a great radio hour!


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