Two Views on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law, Radical Forgiveness, and More

This week on Interfaith Voices:

Debating the True Intentions of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law

Nothing is off the table in our debate over Indiana’s religious freedom law. The conflict between gay rights and religious rights, the media’s alleged anti-conservative Christian bias, and the need to protect unpopular views are a few of the hot topics from this heated conversation on what Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act really means. 

Jeanne Bishop: Why I Forgave My Sister’s Killer

Jeanne Bishop no longer tells anyone that she’ll ‘see you tomorrow’; she unfortunately knows better. Twenty five years ago, a teenager brutally killed her pregnant sister, Nancy, and her brother-in-law, Richard, in their own home. She joins us in the studio to explain her almost inconceivable choice to forgive her sister’s killer, which she now calls the ultimate test of faith.

Commentary: An Early Easter and Passover

In the spirit of the Easter and Passover season, our own Maureen Fiedler scours our world for signs–however faint–that we human beings are indeed moving from slavery to freedom, and from death to new life. And there was one wonderful sign of new life in our work here at Interfaith Voices this March: a listener from the State Department invited us to meet four Muslim clerics visiting from Afghanistan, who came here to see interfaith dialogue in action.

Featured speakers/guests:

Rob Boston, Director of Communications at Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway,
senior editor at The Federalist 

Jeanne Bishop, criminal defense attorney and author of A Change of Heart: Justice, Mercy, and Making Peace with my Sister’s Killer

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