Anne Levine at WOMR Community Radio in Provincetown MA, speaks with three professionals currently serving Ukrainians in three different ways in wartime.

Roman Davydov is Program Director and Head of Service for Kraina FM Network in Ukraine in 22 Ukrainiean cities and “the voice of Kraina FM.” He describes radio work as a community service during war and why Ukrainian independence matters to him and his family and friends.

Dr. Stanislav Onyshchuk is chief of a private surgical hospital in Western Ukraine. He describes how he has converted his hospital into “First Volunteer Surgical Hospital” with the help of volunteer doctors, medical professional, and NGOs. The hospital performs orthopedic surgery and other medical services free of charge for soldiers and civilian war causualties from Eastern Ukraine. He aslo speaks about how even small acts counts in such times.

Colonel Andrew Melbourne, US Marine, is in Ukraine with Special Operations forces, assisting the Ukrainian military and evacuation of civilian. He assists with evacuation from the city of Mariopal and also works to resolve supply shortages. He speaks about how donations to NGOs are not reaching the people who need money and supplies, due to lack of proper NGO oversight and organizational policies.

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