Understanding Israel Palestine: Beyond the Walls — “Iron Dome Offensives & Israeli AI Kill-Switches” with Richard Silverstein (10-8-21)

For this week’s show, producer Jeremy Rothe-Kushel speaks with security journalist Richard Silverstein about his recent stories, “Iron Dome Vote Rammed Down Throats of House Democrats After Pressure from Israeli Foreign Minister” and “Israel’s “AI Kill” against Iran has no long-term strategic benefit, but profound moral and legal ramifications.”
Richard Silverstein, muckraking security journalist extraordinaire, writes at his Tikkun Olam Blog, among many other publications.   Silverstein specializes in exposing secrets of the Israeli national security state. He campaigns against opacity and the negative impact of Israeli military censorship and brings home stories to the United States that inform us here and then are brought back in to Israel Palestine, aiding in understanding there.

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