Unions vs Gender Based Violence

In 2018, the International Labour Organization began discussing a convention on eliminating violence and harassment at work. Their 2019 draft not only recognizes a human right to a violence-free workplace, it finds those practices counterproductive in every way, and calls for zero tolerance.

Among the labor leaders working towards this goal are Marieke Koning, Equality Policy Advisor to the International Trade Union Congress; Vicky Smallman, Director of Women’s Human Rights for the Canadian Labour Congress; and Zuliana Lainez, President of the Latin American Federation of Journalists. The three came together for a panel around the UN Commission on the Status of Women hearings, 2018. The moderator was Mindy Ran, Co-Chair of the International Federation of Journalists’ Gender Council.


Panel organized, moderated, and produced for WINGS by Mindy Ran. Series producer/editor, Frieda Werden.

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