Host Jon Honsaker speaks with Clint Brauer of Greenfield Robotics, a company located in Cheney Kansas which provides robots to eliminate weeds from agricultural row crops.  Mowing down weeds stops their growth.  The advantages include the fact that the desired crop can grow without being overshadowed by undesired weeds taking the water and sun, and harvest is improved by more desired crop and less weed debris running through the combine.

People can hoe or mow down weeds in row crops, but few people are willing to walk loooong rows of crops in the relentless sun.  Therefore, chemicals are the predominant tool for weed control, however, the chemical is programmed to damage every living thing.  Enter the robot, which does the work selectively and does not relent!

Four billion acres of farmland, ready to capture carbon.  Today regenerative agriculture depends on Roundup and other chemicals to scale. ​​ Consumers want food that is sustainably grown and free of chemicals.

Greenfield Robotics enables carbon farming to scale without chemicals.

Greenfield Robotics plans to realign the interests of farmers and consumers with a food system that is economical and sustainable.

Please tune in to hear discussion of how great change is made.

We at EcoRadio KC are glad to encourage awareness and protection of our world. We can create a sustainable present for a sustainable future!

It is understandable to freak out over climate change, but the challenge is … to work hard on this crisis while still enjoying life on what is still a beautiful planet.

This will be a great radio hour!

We hope you tune in!

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