Vaughan Harrison and the Kansas City Defender

Vaughan Harrison discusses his work at the Kansas City Defender with Radio Active Magazine regular Spencer Graves.

Vaughan is a spoken word artist driven by a profound love for literature, truth, and the transformative power of language.  At the Kansas City Defender he focuses especially on the complex realms of arts & culture covering topics from linguistic anthropology to policing of clothing. He works to highlight the intricate tapestry of human expression, offering insights that enlighten and liberate. As an investigative journalist, he looks for important unreported or under-reported stories to amplify the voices of marginalized people in Kansas City and beyond.

On June 27, Vaughen reported in the Kansas City Defender that, “KC Toyota Office Under Major Fire After Serving Only Watermelon on Juneteenth, Even After Employees Said It Wasn’t A Good Idea“.  Their Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) committee included only white males. How does it happen that a Diversity and Inclusion committee consist only of white men?

On June 16, Vaughen discussed, “Black Neurodiversity: Breaking Systemic Biases” with psychiatrist Dr. Nora Ekeanya.

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