Volunteer KC connects volunteers and donors with homeless outreach groups

Tiffany Buckley discusses her 501(c)(3) Volunteer KC (VKC) with Radio Active Magazine regular Spencer Graves.  VKC helps support other nonprofits and homeless outreach groups with volunteers and donations. They celebrate their fourth anniversary 2023-04-30.

For example, VKC helps arrange volunteers for Panera’s “Day-End Dough-Nation” program, in which volunteers distribute to appropriate charities bread and pastries that Panera doesn’t sell by closing time.

VKC also helps connect people who like soccer with Global FC (Futbol Community; Fútbol is Spanish for soccer) to help organize soccer activities for underserved youth.

Tiffany has a new book, 30 Days and 18 Hours. The title describes how much time she spent in the Douglas County jail in Lawrence, Kansas, in 2016 during a period when she was homeless.  She was arrested during a psychotic episode resulting from overdosing on antidepressants. After she got out, she was still homeless.  Her work with VKC was inspired at least in part as a means of helping others like those who helped her escape from homelessness.

This is actually the second time Tiffany has been interviewed for Radio Active Magazine.  The first was just over sixteen months ago, 2021-12-14, when she was interviewed by Radio Active Magazine host Pat Riehle.  A podcast of that interview is available by clicking here or by going to kkfi.org > “News & Public Affairs” > “Radio Active Magazine”, then searching for “Tiffany”.

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