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This week hear about all the issues that have impacted your environment over the past year and help us look toward a brighter future! EcoRadio KC has been broadcasting on KKFI for over 10 years.   We are one of the best local resources for information and advocacy on behalf of your environment.  This is a huge responsibility for us and we do not take it lightly!  Our 5 co-producers spend countless hours researching and connecting with people and organizations to bring you all the news, events, ideas and interviews that can fit into an hourly program each week.  This year, we have spoken with inspiring authors like Paul Hawken, Pam McElwee and Carey Gillam, featured exclusive talks by visionaries like Wes Jackson, Andres Bernal and Amory Lovins, and highlighted the work of Earth-saving organizations like the Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, the Resilient Activist, Green 2.0, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Beyond Nuclear, Missouri Coalition for the Environment, Friends of the Kaw, Compost Collective KC, After the Harvest, Metropolitan Energy Center, Climate Action KC, Mid-America Regional Council, the Kansas City Farm School, Extinction Rebellion, Sunrise Movement and so many more!  Your support and feedback are so valuable to keep our mission towards ecological sustainability alive.

Call us this week during our program and give your support for this weeks pledge drive at 888-931-0901!

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Thank you for listening and doing all you can do to protect clean air, water and land, while promoting life for your community!


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