On February 27, 2023, David Bell hosts Andrew R. Gustafson, a historian and curator at the Johnson County Museum, for a discussion on the “Redlined” exhibit.  During the conversation, David and Andrew will talk about how our choices today – from where we live; to where we work; to who we socialize with on the weekends  – are dictated by the past.

As Curator of Interpretation for the Johnson County Museum, Gustafson develops and designs plans for the temporary and digital exhibits. He also leads special tours, manages the museum’s social media platforms and blogs, and plans adult programming.


“REDLINED: CITIES, SUBURBS, SEGREGATION”, an exhibit at the museum, takes visitors on a deep dive into the history of redlining and how it shaped Johnson County and the region. Visitors will learn about the 19th and 20th century foundations of redlining, how the private practice became federal policy during the Great Depression,  how it expanded during postwar suburbanization, that attempts to dismantle the system began during the Civil Rights Era, and how the legacies of redlining continue to impact communities around the nation today.


The word “redlining” has come to mean racial discrimination of any kind in housing, but it comes from government maps made in the 1920’s that outlined areas where Black residents lived and were therefore deemed risky investments.  Jaws of Justice quotes George Santayana: “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

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Calendar for the week of February 27th:

  • Legal Aid of Western Missouri can provide free civil legal services to low-income and vulnerable people who live in Jackson CTY MO. Interested individuals can call 816-474-6750 to apply.
  • For Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense virtual meetings this week, go to https://momsdemandaction.org/events/. All are welcome, mothers and others.
  • TUES, February 28th, 9 AM CST, U.S. Judiciary Committee’s ERA hearing on The Equal Rights Amendment: How Congress Can Recognize Ratification and Enshrine Equality in Our Constitution, Full Committee, Dirksen Senate Office Building Room 106, PRESIDING: Chair Durbin
  • TUES, February 28th, 6:30 PM, Forum for KCMO Council 4th & 6th Districts Candidates is an Online event hosted by the League of Women Voters – Greater KC. Your vote MATTERS! Learn about candidates for the Kansas City Council on your April 4 ballot – who, along with the Kansas City Mayor, set the overall policy for Kansas City, MO, by adopting resolutions and ordinances, making appropriations and approving budgets for all departments and conducting public hearings on City affairs. The council monitors the results of its actions through studies, surveys and hearings. Please register in advance at https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_yaO6wN77TmCLAtxdRL8fhw
  • THURS, March 2nd, 5 PM, a virtual event, Community Justice Coalition Meeting. The Community Justice Coalition is a multi-sector team of dedicated advocates who envision a future without mass incarceration. Access info available at https://empowermissouri.org/events/march-2nd-community-justice-coalition-meeting/
  • A list of services, meals, and hot lines are available at https://lawrenceprogressivecalendar.blogspot.com/.  The list is updated daily.

Please take care of yourselves and others. Thanks for listening to Jaws of Justice.

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