We Still Live Here: Revival of the Wampanoag Language

This week on Sprouts, Radio Curious visits with Anne Makepeace, the writer and director of the documentary film, “We Still Live Here,” which chronicles the movement to reclaim the lost Native American language of the Wampanoag people.

Show Notes:

The film “We Still Live Here,” tells the story of the revival of an indigenous Native American language that was not spoken or written for over 100 years. Our guest in this edition of Radio Curious is Anne Makepeace, the writer and producer of the documentary film.

The Wampanoag people of Southeastern Massachusetts ensured the survival of the Pilgrims in New England, and lived to regret it. After nearly 400 years of forced cultural assimilation the Wampanoags have brought their language home again.

Radio Curious visited with Anne Makepeace from her home in northwestern Connecticut on April 29, 2013, and she began by pronouncing “We Still Live Here” in Wampanoag.

The films Anne Makepeace recommends are “The Beasts of the Southern Wild” and “Dersu Uzala.”

Featured guests/speakers:

Anne Makepeace & Barry Vogel, Esq.


Barry Vogel, Attorney and Counselor is the Host and Producer of Radio Curious. Christina Aanestad is the Assistant Producer.

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