Weed Wednesday

On 11.6.12 history was made in Colorado and Washington and Weed Wednesday has the recap of election results from 10pm to midnight on the last Wednesday of November 11.28.12.  Val will share the airwaves with Somebunny from the Organization of Bunnies for the Legalization of Nice Green Grass (OBLONGG)!  This month we will have Morgan Fox from Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), the Missouri NORML President, Dan Viets, Brett Banfe as our roving reporter on the ground in Colorado, and Jeram Grass Roots to discuss how hemp heals our world and cannabis cures what ails Everybunny on Earth!  Listen and learn about all of the helpful uses for cannabis and hemp as medicine, food, fuel, energy, and more that can truly save our Earth from Somebunny’s destructive tendencies!  The vibes will range from Chief Greenbud, Kottonmouth Kings, Mountain Sprout, to 311, Sublime and Cypress Hill, as well as much more for your aural pleasure!  The last Wednesday of every month on Vibes with Val @ 10pm we talk about why can’t we all just get a bong?!

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