What Wild Horses Have to Teach Us with Carolyn Resnick

Here we explore how horses can be true partners as valuable teachers and healers in our journey for self-healing, personal growth, and transformation. They can show us powerful lessons in how to be effective leaders. You’ll be surprised by what Resnick reveals about the secrets of how a horse becomes and maintains its leadership of a herd of wild horses. Horses’ extensive language and communication skills are a matter of survival and they do it without words. What makes a good leader in a stallion of a herd of wild horses can be used for human leadership as well. It does not lead by coercion or waging battles. It creates unity, harmony, and respect including the personal space of others. It actually leads from behind and has to do with knowing when to serve the community and when to best serve the individual. She talks of the different ways we need to treat different personalities in horses. A dominant horse has a fear-based attitude so we must earn their trust. A lead mare easily makes connections with other horses. We humans can learn a lot from horses from the non-verbal communication of horses. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)

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