What’s Ahead in 2013?

From the producers of Business Matters.
First, we examine the cultural zeitgeist, discovering the hottest new job title, learning how social media is further changing the business world, examining popular entertainment and what the themes reflect about our society, and accepting, finally, the integration of digital technology into all sectors of society.

Next, we turn to the economy and hear the good news that, for the upcoming year at least, we are escaping the grip of the financial crisis. We learn what we need to do to take advantage of this upturn to prepare for what may be an uncertain future.

Our last segment focuses on the biggest change to health care in over 50 years: the implementation of Affordable Care Act, or “Omamacare.” Though the ACA was passed in 2010, it is only this year moving into full implementation, and we are going to see the effects of this change. We learn the details of the developing state- and federally-run “shopping exchanges” of health insurance plans for those who do not have access to health insurance.

We speculate about the effects of these exchanges and the consequences for businesses, Medicaid, and individuals.

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