What’s (more or less) new in (mostly) English Folk

Mark & Val with a mostly English Folk (we snuck in a Scot), mostly 2018/2019 releases (we snuck in a 2015 that’s new to us) mailbag program.

For the Halloween show (which should be still available in the archives until tomorrow) we included a lot of Child Ballads; this show has a number of songs from the Roud Folksong Index (“…The Roud Folk Song Index is a database of around 250,000 references to nearly 25,000 songs collected from oral tradition in the English language from all over the world. It is compiled by Steve Roud a former librarian in the London Borough of Croyden. Roud’s Index is a combination of the Broadside Index (printed sources before 1900) and a “field-recording index” compiled by Roud. It subsumes all the previous printed sources known to Francis James Child (the Child Ballads) and includes recordings from 1900 to 1975…”). Tune in or stream

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